“The Only Constant in Life Is Change.” – Heraclitus

With change comes uncertainty. ℏ is the only constant in the physics uncertainty principle. No one can predict the future. It is our mission to be the constant for our customers navigating change by reducing uncertainty along the way. We work beside you to understand where you are today, where you want to be tomorrow, align your company, and make necessary changes in momentum to achieve your goal.

Business Strategy

Business Strategy

Every company is founded on a vision. A company's business strategy serves as the blueprint to create the direction of the company, prioritize resources, and align assets. We help our customers develop and optimize business strategies to achieve the companies vision.

Digital Advantage

Digital Advantage

We all can agree: the pace of technology never slows. How effectively companies develop, integrate, optimize, and adopt new technologies is their Digital Advantage. We assist customers with researching new technologies, aligning resources for integration, and leveraging these technologies as a value add and competitive differentiator.


A company's go to market strategy is where Business Strategy teams with Digital Advantage for a powerful impact in the market. We help our customer align technology, employees, ecosystem partners, strategic vendors, etc to execute on the direction of the company and deliver exceptional customer value.



With over 15 years of proven success helping clients with business strategy, digital advantage, and go-to-market strategies, our h-Bar team has helped companies capture new revenue streams, seize untapped market opportunities, and reduce time to market with new technologies across America’s. We have helped customers with M&A integration, competitive planning, marketing strategies, strategic investments in high growth markets and driving operational excellence. The h-Bar family fosters a high-trust based culture with clear communications, inspires teams to peak performance by unlocking the power and potential of each person, and builds coalitions and partnerships for high-value results. We are passionate about helping clients navigate change within their business and within their customer base.

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