Digital Advantage

Digital Advantage Overview

Focusing on your digital advantage can help increase sales margins, decrease the time to market with innovative solutions and offerings, and lock out competition! h-Bar believes aligning people, processes, and technology to business goals optimizes your Digital Advantage. h-Bar focuses on providing innovative and disruptive technologies, professional services, and best-in-class training.

Technology Solutions

Understanding your business goals and mapping them to your technical direction is our forté.  Our IT consulting services can serve your business from initial assessments to post-deployment performance optimization. Backed by years of tested expertise and deep resources, the team helps you find the right path for IT and workforce modernization with a strategy to deal with the risks and opportunities along the way.  We work with you to plan for every phase of your digital transformation journey from on-premise servers to the cloud.

Professional Services

Currently there is a massive skill gap in the market reducing companies’ abilities to stay on top of current IT Trends, much less to get ahead of them.  Whether you are looking for some quick assistance on a small project, temporary expertise on a larger project, or full managed services,  our team is here to help.

Technical Training

Today’s IT skill sets are changing at a faster pace than ever before.  h-Bar’s curriculum contains courses in subject matter areas that empower students with skills for modern applications and platforms specializing in cyber security, data analyst, cloud system, and service delivery.  We able to provide customized IT training ranging from 1 hour webinars, 1-5 day long classes, to a whole semester curriculum on new and upcoming technologies.

Optimizing People, Processes, and Technology

Whether you’re looking for the latest technology, professional service, or training for your team, h-Bar is here to ensure you get the right resources with a frictionless experience!

Let's Increase Your Digital Advantage!

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