Cyber Solutions Training

Cyber Solutions Training Overview

As companies move to a digital-first business strategy, careers requiring specific cybersecurity skills are in high demand. Traditional degree tracks in Information Systems Management or Computer Science fail to provide skills needed by today’s architect, engineers and DEVOPS staff to effectively create a company’s Digital Advantage. h-Bar Solutions Cyber Solutions Training contains courses in each necessary subject matter area that enables students with skills applicable in real time to today’s job market enhancing key Go-To-Market  initiatives.


This course takes the student through a history of infrastructure while discussing the tools, architectures and principles of what Data Center infrastructure is today in the world of Cloud and Software Defined Infrastructure.


This course focuses on the beginning tools of Ethical Hacking and what standard and legacy Cyber Security looks like. Course also focuses on next generation security architectures, on both prevention and recovery to allow students to understand the demands of today’s cyber security professionals. What is SASE after all?

Data Analyst

This course focuses on what is Data Science and how it is operationalized to provide business outcomes. This course also covers the market needs of operators beyond new algorithms.

Cloud Systems

h-Bar’s experience in Cloud allows for a wide range of courses in this subject. From a primer on general Cloud to “Anything as a Service” these courses prepare the student to be able to handle deeper on cloud architecture and operation. To design Cloud, you first have to speak it.

Service Delivery

Professional Services engineers and architects provide the learning, guidance, and implementation of new technology solutions at customers. This course teaches you the technology, soft skills and documentation methodologies required to function as a delivery asset.


From the beginning of what is Software Defined Networking to Advanced Architectural and Operations Principals this courseware’s subject is for those looking for what comes next in the world of Networking both inside and outside the network. Software defined WAN is here to stay.


h-Bar’s Cyber Solutions Training courses include hands-on lab activities to dive deeper into complex topics. Each session can be scaled based on student needs. They can range from a 1 hour virtual session all the way up to a full 40-hour week of instructor-led training. Courseware is provided to each student for each course provided.  Get customized IT Training Today! (Link to Embed form below)

What training is right for you?

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