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Professional Services Overview

Whether you’re looking to technology as a cornerstone of your Business Strategy, increase your Digital Advantage over your competition , or deploying new technology to support a new Go-To-Market initiative, h-Bar’s dedicated team of highly trained field engineers, system engineers, and project managers can help facilitate well executed IT infrastructure operations.  We’re here to support your every need from basic IT tasks like installs, moves, adds, and changes, (IMAC) network transformations and more. Schedule a consultation to see how our professional services can support your every need.

State of the Business

Discovery Services

Acquisitions, technology refreshes, constant configuration changes, and other initiatives keep IT environments in constant state of change.  Having an accurate view of your IT Infrastructure is crucial. h-Bar Solutions offers both manual and automated IT asset discovery solutions – each designed to provide the right level of detail about your IT environment.  This helps ensure the decisions your IT environment aligns and supports your business strategy.

Staff Augmentation

New technologies are hitting the market every day, making it impossible for IT professionals to keep on top of skills related to the latest IT trends. Flexibility to scale up or down based on budget, projects, or streamlining your technology stack is key to your Digital Advantage.  h-Bar offers a full range of global IT staffing services for technical positions from field, network, and support engineers to DBAs. Team with h-Bar to provide onsite resources to support longer-term, short-term IT initiatives, remote technical resources for part-time. and/or full-time needs.

IT Deployments

Let’s face it, struggling with the headache of the physical deployment of technology assets is not a high value use of your IT team’s time.  Challenges with upgrades/refresh/new deployment get even more complex when the deployments span national or global footprints. h-Bar’s team of global resources partners with your IT team to develop a plan and deployment schedule, ensuring hardware assets are installed and operating to meet your cutover needs. Our services include:
  • Program Management
  • Initial Discovery
  • Site Audits
  • Planning
  • Deployment Support. 
Leverage our experienced team to ensure your deployment is successful, and free up your team to focus on high value activities that support your Digital Advantage!

Wireless Transformation

Over the past 10 years, customers and end user wireless experience has become more crucial than ever.  End user devices such as laptops, phones, tablets, scan guns, asset tracking sensors, digital signage, and IoT devices demand the highest SLA and quality of experience from your wireless network. Our Wireless Transformation Team provides a complete end-to-end solution for SLA driven wireless networks, from onsite wireless survey (coverage heatmaps), optimized designs, to new cabling and AP installation with validation surveys. Our cost optimized approach is platform independent and flexible, allowing you to leverage the crucial components that you need!

IMAC Services

IT departments are constantly budget constrained and challenged with “doing more with less.”  It’s a no-brainer flying server admins, DBA’s, and technicians to your remote sites is not cost-effective for simple installs, moves, adds and changes in data centers, remote sites or at the edge. h-Bar’s global footprint makes us local to your remote locations, and we have multiple levels of skill sets to meet any IMAC request We can support your IMAC requirements globally, and ensure we have qualified resources prepared to perform the tasks you’ve requested at the time you need them.


h-Bar helps you optimize your Digital Advantage to support changes in your Go-To-Market and/ or Business Strategy . We offer complete and custom IT solutions to optimize your company’s Digital Advantage. h-Bar’s unparalleled service options enable your IT teams to scale and resource their organizations effectively.  How can h-Bar help Link to form at bottom of the page?

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